Glass Conservatory Roofs

Apple & Oak install stunning and high performing glass conservatory roofs in homes across the Surrey, Wimbledon, Epsom, Twickenham, Banstead and South London region. Get in touch today to learn more about our glass conservatory roofs or to receive a no obligation quote bespoke to your home.
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Glass Conservatory Roof
Glass Conservatory Roof Surrey

Replacement Glass Conservatory Roofs, Surrey

Installing a glass conservatory roof can reduce heat loss and create a light, airy and spacious living area. Enjoy a conservatory that stays comfortable in the hot summer months and warmer during the chilly winter months. With Apple & Oak, you’ll receive impartial and friendly advice on our range of conservatory roofs from specialists in the industry.

Glass conservatory roofs reflect most of the heat and infrared sun rays away from the glass. This will aid your conservatory in feeling cooler when the days are warm. Glass roofs will also help retain the warmth in the cold season. This allows homeowners to enjoy their conservatory all year round once again. Choose our renovation and conservatory roof replacement services today.

Integrated Hardware

Integrated ventilation and weatherproofing systems ensure our glass conservatory roofs look sleek.

Thermal Efficiency

Our high insulating glass conservatory roofs offer maximum heat retention and light diffusion.


This conservatory roof system’s BBA accreditation guarantees a life expectancy of at least 25 years.

Glazing Finishes

25mm or 32mm polycarbonate and 24mm sealed glass units can all be specified in various finishes.


Homeowners are protected against damp, rotting and leaking with our glass conservatory roofs.

Finishing Touches

Homeowners can choose from decorative crestings and roof finials to integrated speaker systems.

Contact Apple and Oak Today

To find out more about glass conservatory roofs and all their benefits, please get in touch with us. Arrange an appointment today and we can offer you a no obligation quotation for your Surrey property. If you would like us to contact you, please fill in the contact form found on this website or contact us via email.

Replacement Glazed Roofs Surrey

Replacement Glass Conservatory Roofs in Surrey Properties

If your conservatory roof suffers from mould, condensation or leaks, our specialists can be of assistance. Conservatory glass roof replacements can breathe new life for a fraction of the price, time and hassle of a total rebuild.

Our glass conservatory roofs can be retrofitted onto existing conservatories. Replacing the conservatory roof on your Surrey home can provide it with a new lease of life. The renovations our specialist team can provide to your conservatory are much more efficient than fitting an entirely new conservatory, if the latter isn’t a necessary expense.

Our glass conservatory roofs are the ideal replacement for ageing glass or polycarbonate roofs. This lightweight roofing system creates a welcoming living space with improved thermal efficiency and lower noise levels. Whatever style, size or configuration of conservatory, Apple & Oak can help transform your conservatory. Our glass conservatory roofs can be added to a range of classic styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, gable and lean to.

Market Leading Glass Conservatory Roofs, South London

There are many different glass specifications on the market from a variety of manufacturers which can become very confusing. Here at Apple & Oak we will take the time to explain the differences between the different glass specifications and cost variants in order for you to make an informed decision of where is best to spend your money to get the maximum return.

At Apple & Oak we will always take into account the location in relationship to the Sun and other buildings – this will allow us to tailor your glass specifically to you with options including the highest solar control and insulation glass available on the market today.

At Apple & Oak we would recommend investing in solar control glass especially if your conservatory is exposed to the direct light sunlight during the day. We can supply and install the highest specification solar control glass with a selection of tint, including the common blue tint. This type of glass will typically keep out 78% of unwanted heat – this includes thermal edging bars and Argon gas filled between the panes giving a U Value of 0.69k/m2. This is 25% more efficient than what is currently being installed by most companies and 350% more efficient than the original glass fitted over the last 30 years. 

If in a listed building or blue tinted glass in not your preferred look and would rather a clear solar control glass we would be happy to supply and install clear solar control glass which will keep out 55% of the unneeded heat. This is still a great alternative with a U Value of 1.0k/m2 and 300% more efficient than the original glass fitted over the last 30 years and 18% than most glazing being installed into conservatory roofs.

Finishing Touches for Glass Conservatory Roofs

Eaves beam and guttering options are available, as well as glazing pitches between 2.5˚ and 45˚. The latter can be achieved from the box section aluminium eaves beam, offering maximum strength and thermal efficiency. Concealed brackets support a clip fit dry joint gutter system which sits far enough forward to prevent any risk of overflow leakage finding its way inside the conservatory.

Ornamental features like Jacobean or Regency finials and crestings are a great way to add an extra flourish to a new conservatory roof. Even structural components like box gutter supports can add to the ambience when you choose our decorative gallows brackets. The variable angle valley gutter system is able to accommodate a wide range of different pitch combinations. This ensures the glass roofs we install are secure and watertight.

For roof ventilation, roof vents can be incorporated into our range of glass conservatory roofs. Manual and electric designs are available, as well as a climate control system that automatically opens and closes the vent as temperatures rise or fall, or if rain is detected by an external sensor.

Glass Conservatory Roof Costs South London

Replacement Glass Conservatory Roof Prices, Surrey & South London

If you’ve got a query or would like to receive an estimate on our glass conservatory roofs, please get in touch. Our team of friendly staff are on hand to answer any questions, offer further information and create an estimate bespoke to your Surrey home.

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